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My husband was a widow when we got married, he has four grown

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My husband was a widow when we got married, he has four grown children from his first marriage. When he passed away from lung cancer in 2006,our daughter was eight years old. he put us all six to inherit the house, but the lawyer says, we cannot put the title of the house to our names as our daughter is still a minor, we have to wait till she is 18 and we can have the title in our names. Now that the market of the house is up , his siblings want to sell the house although my daughter is only 16.I am the executor of the property and I told them to wait till my daughter turns 18. Can they get their share now even though the house was still in the name of the estate?
Hi and welcome! My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be assisting you. I am happy to help.

Do you want the house sold also to someone? Or do you want to buy them out? Also, was there a trust set up for your daughter?

Let me know so I can see how I can help.

Thank you.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

We want to sell the house to someone else, my husband left money for my daughter and was put in a money market, no trust.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

we wanted to sell the house to someone else, I do have enough money to buy them out.My husband left my daughter money in the bank and no trust.

Hi Remedios:


If all the siblings (and you) agree to sell the property to someone else, then there should not be a problem. Technically because the house is still in the estate's name and you are the executor, you would sell the house and distribute the proceeds to the siblings, including your daughter (I presume you are custodian or guardian).


If you want to buy them out (that is your daughter), you would have to act on her behalf to do so buy purchasing the house from the estate and make distributions to the siblings. I hope this all makes sense. If you have follow up questions, or need clarification, please let me know. Thank you, Damien

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