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RayAnswers, Attorney
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Experience:  Texas lawyer for 30 years in Estate law
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The atty for my sisiters estate just got indicted on 12 federal

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The atty for my sisiters estate just got indicted on 12 federal counts of faud dealing with the FDIC. I noticed that his name Frank alXXXXX XXXXX is off his office building Fla. Yet he still holds his seat as the City atty. I ask our atty if he can still prctice and was told that it is up to the fla. bar. How do I find out?
We have a pending will/Estate issues with him. The Estate has an atty in an other county but not in this county. They will have to fnd an other atty?

Hello and good afternoon.I am Ray and I will be assisting you today.My sympathy here for your situation and dilemma.

Here this lawyer has been charged with some heavy federal crimes with a potential for 30 years in federal prison. .The Bar has opened up a case and is monitoring the matter.They have the option to try and suspend him if they feel the public is in danger.They have not done that to date it appears.

Reference to his status..

He has not been suspended as of my writing this question.I verified that here.

It is very possible here that the lawyer might agree to cease practice of law while awaiting trial.But I would certainly recommend that you seek a new lawyer here and terminate your relationship with him.Obviously there are legitimate questions about his integrity and ability to pursue your sister's estate.

I would contact write the law and terminate your relationship and ask for your files and a refund of any retainers or un billed funds.You can then locate a new lawyer through the Florida bar.

Lawyer referral here.

I appreciate the chance to assist you today. Please let me know if you have more follow up. Thanks again.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

This was the atty on the other side we were awaiting a settlement issue pertaining to childrens education inheritence. My sister wanted to pay for her nephews college education.
Can we motion for something? since he is in question.

Well he is currently licensed and eligible to practice.Thats said this is a fluid situation and the Florida Bar may well suspend him or there might be an agreed suspension.All your lawyer or you can can do here is see if another lawyer has assumed his practice or at least this case.

I can tell you that virtually all federal criminal cases are plead out.There are minimum sentencing guidelines if a person is convicted of even one count they have to serve at least the minimum.There are multiple counts so the lawyer has to know that if he doesn't plead this out there is a real risk he goes away for the rest of his life here.That can be powerful motivator to make a deal.

But either you if you are pro se or your lawyer if you are represented should make some calls and see what the status on the other side as far as representation is status wise and go from there.

Your lawyer should contact the office see if the lawyer has assigned this to someone else to handle and then move forward.Your lawyer here if you are represented needs to step up and try to resolve this with the other side whoever is representing them and get your funds.

I know this is frustrating for you.You would want to be persistent and try to move this forward.If another lawyer has picked this up then your lawyer shoudl pursue it, if not he still needs to do so with the lawyer that was arrested.

I wish you the best.I appreciate the chance to help.

RayAnswers and other Estate Law Specialists are ready to help you
Marilyn thanks for your positive rating and recent legal question. If you have more legal questions please post them for Ray. I would be happy to help you again. I appreciate your business.