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an elderly mother of 2 sons and 2 daughters quit claimed 2

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an elderly mother of 2 sons and 2 daughters quit claimed 2 houses she owned to the two sons with the understanding the 2 daughters would each get a one quarter share of their value when would the sons have to do this. upon the death of there mother or in a court of law thank you

Thanks for your question and good afternoon.If the mother here quitclaimed these to the sons--that is they are the sole legal owners then the sons are not legally obligated to do anything.The daughters may want to consider their own lawyer to seek to set this aside.

Anytime there is a quitclaim deed it releases her interests to whoever is the grantee.There are no strings to this and any understanding that they were a contingent gift would require the daughters to get a lawyer and file a civil suit alleging there was an oral contract here..The daughters should consider a local lawyer to pursue their remedies including a civil suit.

The mother should have quit claimed it to all four is she wanted them to have a legal interest.It is now going to require a civil suit if the sons do not do this voluntarily here.The daughters are in a precarious position unless the sons do this voluntarily and they may need a lawyer to protect and enforce any agreement to share as a breach of oral contract.

Please let me know if you have more follow up.I want to make sure I understood your situation and responded to it.It is never a problem and I want to fully address your situation here.Thanks again.


Lawyer referral for the daughters.


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