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I have a probate matter under appeal, and the trial court heard

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I have a probate matter under appeal, and the trial court heard a motion on penalties. The estate attorney claimed he did not get complete answers. I went to court, and the trial judge did not find any penalties, however, he asked for my income tax return, and additional account copies of IRA's.
The estate attorney claimed a new deed should be obtained which takes my house out of the truast because the deed previous to the trust deed, was fraudulent due to undue influence, which is under appeal.I believe Rule 2:9-1, prevents the c
trial court from doing this, as well as breaking my trust.
What is the law that permits the trial court these collection rights prior to appeal?

Hi and welcome,


Have your attorney make an application by Order to Show Cause (that way it's decided quickly) to stay (stop) any action until the appeal is decided.


Remember this is not legal advice. You must consult a NJ attorney.


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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

the stay was denied, as no bond has been posted.I am prose, and it appears the estate attorneys are permitted to attempt collection by redeeding the property and leaving it outside the trust. There is no

remedy unless a trust violation has occurred. Is there a trust violation?

I searched the NJ statutes for that section and the site indicated it couldn't find it. I will opt out and perhaps a NJ attorney can help pinpoint the issue. Sorry I couldn't help.



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Customer: replied 3 years ago.