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This is regarding property in the County of Los Angeles, CA.

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This is regarding property in the County of Los Angeles, CA. My mother passed several years ago then My father filed a Death of Joint Tenant and named me as joint tenant on his property before his passing and it has been recorded. Since his passing, now I must complete a Death of Joint Tenant Affidavit. I noticed on the new deed there is a bar code sticker with a date and one long number that was attached to the top right corner, this was not the case for my parents original deed dated in the 70's. The older deed had the instrument number, book and page numbers stamped. Where do I now get this information for completing the affidavit?

Thanks! Julie

LegalGems :

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LegalGems :

I am downloading the form you can submit to the recorder's office to get this information. Many counties assign instrument numbers (the bar code you are referencing), which is how they keep track of their records. When they scan the bar code, it pulls up all documents relating to that property. The older deeds will have the number, book and page number. One moment please.

LegalGems : - where it states "Book & Page/Document number" you can put the barcode number. Alternatively, you can call the tax assessor, give them the property address, and they will have the instrument number, book and page numbers.


Thank you very much! This is very helpful and answered my question. Thank you for the link to the document.

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