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John Elder
John Elder, Estate & Elder Law
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I have two adopted girls. The estate at this time is to be

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I have two adopted girls. The estate at this time is to be divided equally. One of the girls has become estranged and distant. I live in the State of Florida. Can I retype the will, which had been prepared by a lawyer, myself and leave everything to the one girl. I have a rider that would give the one girl a gift of $1,500.?
Welcome! Thank you for your question.

You can redo the will on your own and cut out the one girl. If you can please clarify "a rider" that gives a gift to the one girl a gift. I am not sure what you are referring to with "a rider."

You need to be careful when redoing the will that you understand all the wording that is in the document and that you are changing. Even a few legal words in a Will can have great meaning and could lead to confusion with your estate when you die. The will must also be signed before a witness and notary just like the original will. What you need to remember is that since you are cutting out a child this will is much more likely to be contested than your prior will.

I understand your home to save the money modifying the will but you may just be creating more expense for the one daughter your are leaving assets to if you fail to make the changes correctly. I would suggest that you contact the attorney that drafted the original will and see what he/she will charge to modify that will for you to resign. You may find it is much less expensive than the original document since they likely have it on their computer.

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