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Will--If I want to write a will and have it be legal--without

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Will--If I want to write a will and have it be legal--without an atty. How can I make sure it is legal if I hand write it myself?

NY only enforces handwritten wills that were not witnessed in very limited situations, see


There is a simple Will form you can use as a model posted at

but you will need two witnesses (who are not beneficiaries of the Will) to witness you signing it. Other Will forms for NY are available from


You can appoint an agent to make health care decisions if you become unconscious using the NEW YORK LIVING WILL form posted at

or the Health Care Proxy form posted at



I have assumed that you live in NY because of your screen name. Please correct me if I am mistaken about that, because other states do allow un-witnessed handwritten wills, and some states have statutory form wills.


After it has been signed and witnessed, the Will is usually given to the person named to be Executor. The Living Will is usually given to the agent for health care decisions with a copy given to each of your health care providers so it will be on file if it is needed on short notice.


I hope this information is helpful.

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