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texlawyer, Attorney
Category: Estate Law
Satisfied Customers: 4823
Experience:  I have assisted many customers and clients with their estate law questions and experienced in estate law litigation.
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Hi Mr. Tex, You referrenced me to two Power of Attorney

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Hi Mr. Tex, You referrenced me to two Power of Attorney documents for California early last week or the week before. The Notary that reviewed the documents and DID notarize them advised me that these documents were out of date and would not be effective. Can you reference me to the latest documents for California General Power of Attorney and California Healthcare Power of Attorney, or to someone who would provide these for me? Perhaps I should use Legal Zoom or one of those services do you think? Please advise. Cordially, XXXXXX XXXXXX

Hi. Thanks for getting back with me.
The forms I sent you may not have been drafted this year, but that does not mean they would not hold up in court. However, websites like Legal Zoom are usually very current. I was trying to get you something free that could be easily adapted for your situation. However, if you want to spend the money, Legal Zoom, Rocket Lawyer, and US Legal Forms all provide excellent work. Also, the State of California puts out their own documents, which can be found here:
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you. I thought that must be the case. If not, all the earlier Powers of Attorney would then be null and void I would think if new ones obviated the older ones. I think the Notary was mistaken. You did the right thing with the forms you recommended. Thank you and I apologize for bothering you again on this subject. Cordially, XXXXX XXXXX

It's no bother at all. I just want to be sure you get what you need.
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