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Thomas McJD
Thomas McJD, Attorney
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Experience:  Wills, Trusts, Probate & other Estate Matters
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I contest this will because it takes $30,000 from Lois two

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I contest this will because it takes $30,000 from Lois' two sons and gives it to Mara Ammons.

My sister, Lois, and I were working on a will for her, but gave it up because it was above our skill level. Here is some unfinished work before Mara Ammons laid claim to the mortgage proceeds.

FIRST: I hereby direct and request that my personal representative, hereinafter named, as soon as there may be sufficient funds available for such purposes, pay my funeral expenses, also pay my lawful debts, if any there be at the time of my demise, as soon after death as can be lawfully and conveniently done.

SECOND: I herby declare that I am unmarried and that I have three children:Namely, Charles XXXXX XXXXX, JR., Games Campbell and XXXXX XXXXX.

THIRD: I desire that my body be buried, suitable to my circumstances in life.

FOURTH: I give certain items of my personal property owned by me at the time of my death in the manner described in the last dated writing made for this purpose and signed

by me that is in existence at the time of my death. If no such writing is found and properly identified by my personal representative within thirty (30) days after his qualification, it shall be conclusively presumed that no such writing exists. If there should be any conflict in ghe provisions of this will and the last dated writing then the last dated writing shall control.

FIFTH: I give, devise and bequeath the following cahse bequest to my grandchildren, provided they survive me:
A, Ashly semmler
B. Christopeher XXXXX XXXXX
D Blaze Cambpell,

SIXTH: The residue and remainder of my property whether real, personal or mixed, whatsoever and wheresoever, to which I may be entitled,or which I may have the power to dispose shall be liquidated and divided into (number) equal parts. for Charles XXXXX XXXXX, XXXXX XXXXX.

Lois Faye Campbell
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SEVENTH: I hereby appoint my friend, Mira Ammons, as personal representative of this, my Last Will and Testament, and I direct that she shall not be required to give bond or other security for the faithful performance of her duties; and I vest my personal representative with the full power and authority to sell, transfer and convey any real property, real personal or mixed, which I may own at the time of my death, at such time and price, and upon such terms and conditions (including credit) as she may determine, and to do every other act and thing necessary or apporpirate to complete the administration of this, my Last Will and Testament.


The early drafts gave the residual to Charles and James but later she was influenced to replace them with the executor of her will, Mara.

I hereby give, bequeath the rest residue and remainder of my estate to Mara Denise Ammons.

Mara will tell anybody that she is not interested in the money she is only inheriting it so she can give it to Charles and James. Mara is clever with the words but her deeds tell a different story.

I contend that Mara used undue influence over Lois to displace Charles and James as heir to the $30,000 mortgage. There is not a mother in the world in her right mind that would give her children's inheritance to a casual friend.

Lois wanted Mara as executor to divide the money between her sons but she didn't want Mara to take the money for herself and then promise to give it to Charles and James.



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Thomas McJD, Attorney
Category: Estate Law
Satisfied Customers: 6516
Experience: Wills, Trusts, Probate & other Estate Matters
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