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In the State of Missouri. My sister was killed by her husband

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In the State of Missouri. My sister was killed by her husband and then he killed himself. His will stated that if my sister dies before he does, his son would inherit all. My question is, because he took my sisters life (Shot in head) is the will still valid. My 81 year old mother is in bad shape over this, the family whos father killed my sister is going to get all their belongings. I think my only question is, is my mother entitled to anything due to the circumstances....
I am sorry to hear this.

Footnote 4 at
cites the Missouri case of Perry v. Strawbridge, 108 S.W. 641, 648 (Mo. 1908) as holding that a killer cannot inherit from his victim.

Perry was cited in 2011 in a Federal case which states:
"Missouri courts first applied the slayer law principle in Perry v. Strawbridge, 108 S.W. 641 (1908). There, the court held that one who had murdered his wife did not succeed to her interests in real estate under the intestate succession laws. Id. at 645."

His will is valid, but he inherits nothing from his late wife. In this situation, her Estate would normally be distributed as if he had predeceased her.

You can get a free consultation from some of the probate attorneys listed by location at

Please follow up on this with a local attorney.

I hope this information is helpful.If you clarify whether the boy is also her son, whether she had any other children, and whether or not she left a Will, I can provide more information.
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