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I was the adminstrator of my deceased brothers estate, that

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I was the adminstrator of my deceased brother's estate, that was 2 and 1/2 years ago, recently we found evidence of additional stock in his name, the estate was discharged in 2011, what can I do to get the stock in my name, I know I will need death certificates and administrative paper work. My concern is the adminstrative paper work. I am in the state of NC

LegalGems : Hi; My goal is to provide you with great service - if you have any questions during our chat, please ask! I'll do my best to ensure your satisfaction!
LegalGems : One moment please as I verify the procedure.
LegalGems : The procedure is governed by General Statute 28A-23-5, located here (I'm sorry; the link icon is not currently functioning so I can't link you directly to it)
LegalGems : You will need to file a Petition and Order to Reopen Estate, form E-908M
Customer: Okay
LegalGems : The court clerk should be able to get you the form. I am seeing if I can find a free resource online.
LegalGems : and here it is:
Customer: Is it very difficult to reopen an estate if the cause warrants a reopen
LegalGems : No; if the court sees that there is property that needs to be distributed, that is generally considered sufficient cause.
Customer: Thank you, will I need to get a lawyer to do this or can I petition by submitting the form
LegalGems : It is permitted to file it in pro se (as a self-represented person) however, it is always advisable to at minimum have an attorney review the paperwork.
Customer: okay thats what I needed to know, you have been very helpful. Thank you so much
LegalGems : You are very welcome. Take care!
Customer: You too
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