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Indiana. An estate had been closed for several months. The

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Indiana. An estate had been closed for several months. The real estate was deeded to several individuals with a life estate to the wife. After the wife passes and the individuals are living would anyone be in charged of the estate that had been closed. Would this then be 4 individuals selling a house and acreage?

LegalGems : Hi; My goal is to provide you with great service - if you have any questions during our chat, please ask! I'll do my best to ensure your satisfaction!
LegalGems : 4 individuals stand to inherit the house once the wife passes, correct?
Customer: yes. One brother thinks he is still executor and able to make all decisions even though his father's estate is closed and filed with the clerks office
LegalGems : By closed do you mean that the property has already been distributed - all property- and the probate case has been closed?
Customer: Yes on the father's estate. The home was deeded to the 4 siblings with this current wife having a life estate. She has passed away
LegalGems : Thank you for that. So since the home has already been deeded, the executor's role with respect to that property has ended, and the 4 titled owners are now the sole decision makers with regard to that house.
Customer: Thank you for that information, May I ask another question?
LegalGems : Yes, of course.
Customer: Since some of the deeded owners know there is mold in the craw space but no one presently lives there does there need to be a sales disclosure signed by all parties stating there is mold under the house. Or is this documment not needed since there is no one living there currently
LegalGems : That is really a question for a real estate expert - I am only in estate law and consumer protection. I would suggest that if the realtor is advising that no disclosure needs to be completed, this is put in writing to protect the heirs.
Customer: Thank you so much for your help. It is really appreciated. This realtor is not know to be the most honest in the community. Thanks again for answering my questions. May God bless your day. Thanks again
LegalGems : You are very welcome. I hope everything works out well. Take care.
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