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My father-in-law passed away on October 29, 2012. My husband

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My father-in-law passed away on October 29, 2012. My husband filled out a Transfer of Affidavit because the money in the bank accounts was less than $50,000 and no other assets were owned. The house had been sold and so had his vehicle. The monies in the bank are going to be split between my husband and his sister, however the bank only has a W-9 for my husband and the monies will be coming to my husband. How much would we need to hold to pay taxes for 2013?

Welcome! Thank you for your question. My name is XXXXX XXXXX I am happy to answer your question today. I do need a bit more information first. Can you answer the following questions?


What state are you in?


What type of account was this? Was this a Traditional IRA Account? How much was in the account?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I am in Wisconsin, they were regluar checking & savings accounts totalling $36,500.

The only tax that will be associated with the distribution of those accounts are the interest income that the account has earned since the passing of your father-in-law. The Federal Estate Tax exemption is over 5 million dollars and Wisconsin no longer has an estate tax.


I would guess that the accounts have only earned a few dollars in income since the passing of your father-in-law, therefore there will be reportable income of those few dollars. That income will be added to your normal income for income tax purposes.


There are no other taxes that would apply here.



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