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Not sure if I even picked the right Law(Estate Law). Anyway,

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Not sure if I even picked the right Law(Estate Law). Anyway, my aunt died last year 2011. We were told that her will would be done by Nov 16th of this year. My mom got a letter now saying it will be until April of 2013.
I know my cousin (my aunts grandson) owed her a lot of money. We saw the amounts in the Will. We now heard from his mom, that he is going to buy her house and fix it up. I don't know how he can do this if he still owes money, but my question is. Can him owning money to her (I guess the estate?) can that be what's holding up us getting what she wanted us to have? Or does that not effect us? We just can't believe how long it has taken.
We live in Fl. Daytona Beach and Margate area.
DearCustomer- There are all sorts of situations that can tie up an estate and selling real estate is certainly one of them. I would only be guessing if I said the debt of the grandson was the cause. What I would suggest is for you to contact the probate court where the estate is filed and ask to see the estate file. It will show all activity from the time the estate was opened and it is all a matter of public record. That may give you a better insight as to what has really happened rather than speculating on the cause of the delay.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you. I have one question. If we go and look at the public records, will they be able to see that we were looking at it? I just don't want to start something. So would they know someone was looking into it?

No. Public records are public. They are looked at all the time by real estate title companies and others for all sorts of reasons. Many times the entire docket is on line but not all courts post everything so you may need to actually go to the court to look at the file.
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