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Hi. Here is our question. My stepsons grandparents, the parents

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Hi. Here is our question. My stepsons grandparents, the parents of his estranged father, have contacted my wife and asked for his social security number. This comes about a week after the child support division attempted to make contact with him. They told us it was so they could add Oliver to their will. If this is necessary my wife will give it to them. She is very skeptical about it, as his father has never paid child support, nor had any part in his life for the last eleven years. He has only sent a birthday card on one occasion. I am happy and proud to be the father figure in Oliver's life and would someday soon like to adopt him. We will abide by the answer you give us, as we have no problem with his grand parents. They however seem to side with Oliver's father reguatdless of the situation. We just do not want to put his social security number out there where his father may have access to it. He is not only a dead beat dad, but is pretty much just a dead beat. We live in Colorado and his dad and grand parents live in Missouri. Thanks
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There would no reason a social security number would be necessary to be named as a beneficiary in a Will. I don't know what their reasoning may be for wanting the information, but it is never required. All you need to include a person in a Will is their name.

Please let me know if you need any clarification or additional information.
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