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What can I do if a POA emptied my inheritance accounts and

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What can I do if a POA emptied my inheritance accounts and used the money to pay cash for a house? Apparently he had to get her to sign off on it and she'd just had heart surgery and a stroke. There was a "verbal agreement" That myself and two other beneficiaries will receive half of the money from another house when it sells, and it is not even on the market. I called to check the status on one of the accounts and the number listed in the will is bogus. Is there anything I can do legally?

Estate Law Answers :

Hello and thank you for contacting Just Answer.


As an agent appointed by a power of attorney, that agent is supposed to act on behalf of the principal (as the principal would) and in that principal's best interest. The agent has a fiduciary duty to do this. A breach of that fiduciary duty, which is what you may have here, is something that can be the basis of a lawsuit.


I would say that it would be worth your while to have a sit down meeting with a local attorney to discuss bringing a breach of fiduciary duty civil lawsuit against this person who was appointed agent in the power of attorney.


I hope this helps answer your question. If you could provide me with a positive rating (3 or above) , I would greatly appreciate it; otherwise, I will not get credit for answering.


Thanks very much and I wish you the best here.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you!


My grandmother was in the hospital/nursing homes for seven months and never even saw the house. I hate to sue my family's estate but I am quite sure that grandma never meant to leave her beneficiaries with nothing.

Thanks for the positive rating - good luck with everything!