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My sister gave me an old will copy (1984) of my fathers will

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My sister gave me an old will copy (1984) of my fathers will however my father told me that he updated his will in 1991, her lawyer also said that this is theresent copy, however I been finding discrepences with things since my fathers passing in 2009. How do I ck for a copy of his correct will?
Unfortunately, wills are generally not documents which are kept in public files. Sometimes, people file the wills in the county clerks records, but this is rarely done and most counties don't accept them. To play it safe, you should contact the county clerk for where your father lived and check to see if they keep wills.

If you cannot locate the most recent copy of the will in your family's documents then the best place to check would be with the lawyer who you think drew up your father's will. You might also check with your mother's lawyer as well. The lawyers who draft the will are supposed to keep copies of the will.

Also, if your father had a safe deposit box or a safe, that would be a good place to start.

You need to hurry, as the right to contest a will filed in probate is set on a deadline. If the 1984 will has already been probated, then it may be too late to contest it with a later will.
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