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Can you remove a person from being a beneficiary in a will

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Can you remove a person from being a beneficiary in a will if they caused emotional distress/interfered in hospital care/wanted the person to die/never helped care for the person? My Grandmother left a will, however 2 of the children caused her tremendous turmoil before she died and they told her told her face she was terminal - said she was going down-hill in front of her - my Grandmother was very sensitive about this and would get upset when they would visit. 3 days ater her funeral, they offered to come over to "get rid" of her things. This has no reflection on my Grandmother, just them. ANy suggestions??
Has the testator died?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
My Grandmother died in Nov 2009.
The will would be carried out as written unless one challenges it on basis of fraud, duress or lack of mental capacity at time of execution.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
duress? Do I have any options? What about the Slayer statute? I am not kiiding. My Grandmother died on the day of her discharge from the hospital - they layed her down after a tube-feeding - she aspirated and died - that is being handled by a different group of attorneys. However, this person (her daughter) was strongly opposed to the tube-feeding for my Grandmother and we believe she and her husband (who is a M.D.) may have bullied the doctors at the hospital to use the tube-feeding against my Grandmother. It is very unusual for a hospital to make a "mistake" like this. I guess I would have to prove it but I am certainly willing to do it - should I talk to the med mal attorneys or hire my own private investigator?
If you can prove the beneficiary killed the testator, you could void the inheritance. You would need a lawyer and investigator to pursue it and it would be expensive. some wills also say that if you challenge them and lose, you get nothing yourself.
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