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I am considering getting married. I am 80. My husband to be

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I am considering getting married. I am 80. My husband to be wants to control my life if he passes away first. I would not be allowed to travel to my childrens homes in Ny for more than 1 or 2 nights. He does not want me to have any freedom of movement. I would not leave him now-he has COPD. Is that type of slavery legal in a pre nup or a trust?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

San Diego, California

Already Tried:
We have been together 27 years. This is the first time he has talked marriage. We get on well because I know he is controlling. He knows I have little money. My first husband was having an affair. I divorced him 1981. He had managed to take all before I realized the problem. We had all assets in either or signatures. I just didn't know if he could control my life from the grave. All I want to do is feel free to visit my family.



I will be happy to assist you. Whether you decide to get married to this man is irrelevant. Married or not married he cannot direct your movements or dictate who you visit whether he is alive or dead, husband or not. Even if you signed such a paper, who would be around to enforce it? It is unenforceable, and no attorney would even draw it up.


Slavery is illegal, there is no form of "legal slavery". You are free to visit your family, now and after he dies, and do not let him tell you otherwise.





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