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We 2 (previously harmonious) co-executor sisters disagree on

Resolved Question:

We 2 (previously harmonious) co-executor sisters disagree on an issue. I forbade to take our oler, NON-executor sister into Mother's house (locked, containing personal property, jewelry, I forbade this partly because this older sister has been un-cooperative and created serious interference of our probate duties, partly because I can't  trust her--I have solid reason to believe she unlawfully entered the house alone, stole assets and worse.  My gullible co-executor sister has now been successfully 'won over' & manipulated with blatant lies by this older sister who has persuaded her to go into the house.  My co-executor sister defiantly demands to me that she can take this dishonest  sister into the house to sort, search and handle valuables as she is a  co-executor.  Since I strongly object to my dishonest sister going into the house, can  my co-executor sister defy me after I've told her I have reason to distrust our older sister in the house around valuables?
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: Estate Law
Expert:  Infolawyer replied 9 years ago.
Where there are 2 co executors decisions need to be reached by consenus jointly. If you are in disagreement and fear that a decision is harming the estate, you need to bring the matter before the court for a ruling. It can be done my motion but the judge assigned to the estate may handle it informally by conference call.   If you have an attorney representing you as executor have him or her make the objection and obtain judicial intervention.
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