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Donna Kakonge
Donna Kakonge,
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There are leaders in every field of study and business

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There are leaders in every field of study and business around the world. Select a business leader you admire. Use your textbook, the Argosy University online library resources, and the Internet to select a leader and then to research the leader’s career.
Write a paper on your selected leader. Include the following in the paper:
o Give an overview of the organization and the leader.
o Explain how the person demonstrates integrity or ethics, giving examples.
o Provide your own insight into the organization or leader. 
o What makes the person or organization stand out?
o If you were in that person's place or worked for the organization, would you make the same choices? Why or why not?
Write a three- to four-page paper in Word format. Apply APA standards for writing style to your work. Also use APA to cite books, articles and websites used in your research.
Due September 26, 2017 by 7 PM.

Let me go through it and will come back soon. Will you be able to cite my work in your assignment, thanks.

Dear Customer,

Would you prefer to work with the Expert that you were working with, or may I help you?

Customer: replied 28 days ago.
Hello Donna!
I would gladly appreciate if you helped me with this assignment :-)

Dear Customer,

Great! Thank you! When is your deadline darling?

Customer: replied 28 days ago.
My deadline is tomorrow Tuesday, September 26. The latest I can push it is Wednesday, September 27 by 8 PM.

Dear Customer,

Sounds great. I will make you an email offer of $5.00 and the latest I will have it for you will be Wednesday. Thanks!

Donna Kakonge,
Category: Essays
Satisfied Customers: 950
Experience: Owner at Donna Kay Kakonge, MA, ABD
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Customer: replied 28 days ago.
Excellent! Thank you so much :)

Dear Customer,

Thank you so much for accepting my offer. If you could please provide me with your email address in the "enter contact info" link provided in this discussion post, that will ensure confidential delivery of your email address.

Thank you so much again.

Dear Customer,

Thank you for your contact information. I will email you right now regarding this assignment. Thank you!

Dear Customer,

Is it alright with you if I complete the assignment at the end of the day on Thursday?