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I have my marketing Final Exam and have to get 100 to get an

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I have my marketing Final Exam and have to get 100 to get an A in the class. I need an expert. 13 questions need to be answered. How much will this cost?
PART A: Answer each of the following questions in one to two paragraphs. Each answer is worth 20 pts.
1) Describe a company that would be likely to use a company sales force, and a second company that would be likely to use manufacture’s representatives. Explain why these companies would make these choices.
2) How does the exchange of ideas provide value, and what's the role of marketing in this process?Explain this using the example in textbook of groups marketing bicycle helmets, or choose your own scenario.
3) Differentiation between the four levels of competition and offer examples of each type.
PART B: Answer each of the following items in two or three sentences. Each response is 4pts.
1. Why is tracking the impact of a campaign challenging?
2. Natalie is designing a primary package for her new peanut butter popcorn. From a consumer's perspective. What should the packaging provide?
3. What's the difference between a trade default and a trade surplus? If a firm wants to manufacturer in another country, which of these trade situations would it prefer?
4. RFID tags may replace UPC tags. Why?
5. Developing a good pricing strategy is essential to the financial well-being of a firm. Even though a firm has an excellent strategy. What are continuing threats to the strategy?
6. What does it mean to say that a service is perishable? Name three services that would be considered.
7. Explain how gender roles have changed and how that has influenced marketing practices in the United States.
8. How might Dell computer use sentiment mining to identify ways to improve its customer service?
9. How is social media used to help facilitate the consumer decision process? What are the three most popular sites?
10. Name three ways a B2B marketer can enhance relationships?

Hi, I may be able to help if it is not due soon. May I know your due date please ?

Customer: replied 28 days ago.
Next Friday. But any earlier would be great

You mean Friday 29th ?

Customer: replied 28 days ago.
the 29th

Ok, no problem. The answer to each of these 13 questions has to be 1-2 paragraph which means 7-10 pages in length. I will send you an offer to compensate for the work involved.

Customer: replied 28 days ago.
No just section A. The first 3 questions are 1-2 patagraphs. Section B is 3-5 sent. I'm sorry*****to much.
Customer: replied 28 days ago.
Im sorry section B is 2-3 sentances

Sorry . I did not notice the requirement for Part B

I think still the final document will still be 4-6 pages in length.

I am sending you another offer. Please accept if it works for you.

shabanaiyas and other Essays Specialists are ready to help you

Hi, Please enter your email id by clicking the button 'enter contact info'

Customer: replied 22 days ago.
I was checking to see how this was going.


Please check your mail and reply as soon as possible.