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EMERGENCY NEED COMPLETE BY SUNDAY AUGUST 20TH, 2017 AND NO LATERStudents, please view the "Submit a Clickable Rubric Assignment" in the Student Center.
Instructors, training on how to grade is within the Instructor Center.
Assignment 3: Business-Level and Corporate-Level Strategies
Due Week 6 and worth 300 pointsChoose an industry you have not yet written about in this course, and one publicly traded corporation within that industry. Research the company on its own Website, the public filings on the Securities and Exchange Commission EDGAR database (, in the University's online databases, and any other sources you can find. The annual report will often provide insights that can help address some of these questions.Write a six to eight (6-8) page paper in which you:Analyze the business-level strategies for the corporation you chose to determine the business-level strategy you think is most important to the long-term success of the firm and whether or not you judge this to be a good choice. Justify your opinion.
Analyze the corporate-level strategies for the corporation you chose to determine the corporate-level strategy you think is most important to the long-term success of the firm and whether or not you judge this to be a good choice. Justify your opinion.
Analyze the competitive environment to determine the corporation's most significant competitor. Compare their strategies at each level and evaluate which company you think is most likely to be successful in the long term. Justify your choice.
Determine whether your choice from Question 3 would differ in slow-cycle and fast-cycle markets.
Use at least three (3) quality references. Note: Wikipedia and other Websites do not quality as academic resources.
Your assignment must follow these formatting requirements:Be typed, double spaced, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides; references must follow APA or school-specific format. Check with your professor for any additional instructions.
Include a cover page containing the title of the assignment, the student’s name, the professor’s name, the course title, and the date. The cover page and the reference page are not included in the required page length.
The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:Identify various levels and types of strategy in a firm.
Use technology and information resources to research issues in business administration.
Write clearly and concisely about business administration using proper writing mechanics.
Click here to view the grading rubric.

Dear Customer,

Thank you for coming to Just Answer. Are you willing to work with me for this assignment?

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
thank you for accepting my offer.

Dear Customer,

Thank you so much. I went to sleep early last night. For the length of your paper, would you be willing to pay $80.00 more for this assignment? If you cannot afford that, we can negotiate.

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
I will not be able to pay $80 more. But if you only do 5 pages that will be fine.

Dear Customer,

How much can you afford to pay more keeping in mind the offer that I made to you? We can negotiate and then I would be willing to do the entire assignment for you.

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
Honestly what I have already paid is really all I can afford for this assignment. You could even just do 4 pages. That will be fine with me

Dear Customer,

I understand. When is your deadline for this assignment? If I can have until next week, or, if you can get an extension for this assignment until early next week, I would be more than willing to do the entire assignment at the price that you are offering.

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
I must have it complete no later than Sunday at midnight central time

Dear Customer,

OK. I will do my best. I will make you an email offer so that it will not show up with Turnitin.


Donna Kakonge and other Essays Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 2 months ago.
Thank you so much I appreciate your help

Dear Customer,

You are welcome. I just tried to send you my email address and it would not send. There was a technical problem. Could you please send me your email address ASAP so that I will be able to privately send you the answer?


Customer: replied 2 months ago.


Dear Customer,

Thank you for your email address. I will email you right now. Thank you.

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
Hello Donna. Did you finish the assignment?

Dear Hayley,

Yes. I did. I was pretty sure that I sent it to you yesterday. I will send it again just to confirm. I am now absolutely positive that I sent it to you. Please check your email.

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
I still haven't received your email

Dear Customer,

I have sent it to you twice. Please check your email. I have not had any other customers say that they are not receiving my emails. It must be a problem on your end. I will send it to you here. Please bear in mind that now it may turn up with Turnitin.

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
You sent it to***@******.***?

Yes, I did. Twice. It is also attached here. Don't you see it?

Customer: replied 1 month ago.
I see it there. But I don't want it to show up on I've been using my email all morning so idk why it wouldn't have sent. Could the file be to big to send?

No, that is not the problem. I have been sending documents for years and no one ever tells me they did not receive it except you from my email. I think there really is a problem with your email service because this is not the first time this has happened. Well, I am very busy today and I hope you tip as promised because the work is very good.

Thank you and I am now too busy to respond. Thank you.