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You are working as a coder for a hospital. Please read the

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You are working as a coder for a hospital. Please read the following case study and choose the appropriate codes. Last, please provide a brief summary of how you derived at your answer.Operation: Left transaxillary subpectoral mammoplasty with saline-filled implant.Preoperative diagnosis: Left hypomastia. Postoperative diagnosis: Left hypomastia.Anesthesia: General.Procedure: After first obtaining a suitable level of general anesthesia with the patient in the supine position, the breasts were prepped with Betadine scrub and solution. Sterile towels, sheets, and drapes were placed in the usual fashion for surgery of the breasts. Following prepping and draping, the anterior axillary folds and the inframammary folds were infiltrated with a total of 20 cc of 0.5 percent Xylocaine with 1:200,000 units of epinephrine.After a suitable hemostatic waiting period, transaxillary incisions were made, and dissection was carried down to the edge of the pectoralis fascia. Blunt dissection was then used to form a bilateral subpectoral pocket. Through the subpectoral pocket a sterile suction tip was introduced, and copious irrigation with sterile saline solution was used until the irrigant was clear.Following completion of irrigation, 250-cc saline-filled implants were introduced. They were first filled with 60 cc of saline and checked for gross leakage; none was evident. They were overfilled to 300 cc of saline each. The patient was then placed in the seated position, and the left breast needed 10 cc of additional fluid for symmetry.Following completion of the filling of the implants and checking the breasts for symmetry, the patient’s wounds were closed with interrupted vertical mattress sutures of 4-0 Prolene. Flexan dressings were applied, followed by the patient’s bra. She seemed to tolerate the procedure well.Choose the appropriate CPT and ICD-9-CM codes:a) 19316-LT, 611.82b) 19324-LT, 611.82c) 19325-KT, 611.82d) 19328-LT, 611.82DISCUSSION ASSIGNMENT GUIDELINES:Part One - Initial Discussion Response - (DUE: by 11:59pm Wednesday):Read the discussion question.
Post a 5-10 sentence response to the discussion topic using examples and personal experiences.
Integrate a quote from your weekly reading assignment into your post to support your thoughts and cite the source (and page number) of your quote using the APA format.


I really hope your week was better!

I appreciate your request!

Is there a source for this?

Also, is there a word count, etc? When is your deadline, Crystal? I really want to be sure I can meet it:-) DXj

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
no source i just need help on this.. i am concentrating on my homework question and quizes , no word count , doesnt have to be long! thanks i will have another one for you soon!
my week was okay untill wed, my legs and back hurt so bad , feel like my legs want to give out and was so tired, hemaglobin was porbaly low again, just trying to make it!

Aw, Crystal, you're almost there! Hang on!!!

I am always happy to assist you, but I cannot promise you this tonight. Is that okay?

Many apologies!!! I'm still struggling with this new computer. (My processor died last week!)

I feel like I came into my office and everything was completely rearranged:-) DXJ

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
you good tommorow is fine thank you so much for your help!

Great! Thanks!

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
how it going?

Hi, Crystal!

I just started. Quick question............. Which type of code do you need for the first part of the first question?

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
if you read futher down they give you choice for the codes (multiple choice)
Customer: replied 2 months ago.
thank you for you r help with this my aniety is through the roof, i hate it! i just feel so helpless feeling like this, got to complete my school work but dont wanna even look at it!

I understand ALL TOO WELL!

You're almost done, Crystal!

I found a really helpful CPT page for this. I just need to check the modifiers:-)

Yes, I was thinking I was making it more difficult than it needs to be!

Breathe a little and appreciate all you do, all you are! You'll reach your goal soon enough..........

Best to you, DXJ

Here's the link for that page

Note: That site also has a free sample coding exam.

You might like to bookmark that for future use..............

Working through now................

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
thank you for the encouragement!

Anytime! We all need some of that. Sometimes, in fact, most times, we do not see ourselves as others see us!

You and I have worked together sporadically over time. You have never given up!

Appreciate the opportunity to do this, to inch toward that finish line...........

Appreciate yourself! You CAN do it!!!

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
34;in tears" thank you so much for this encourgement.. you are the best!


Hi, Crystal!

Thanks so much for your patience! Your answers are here.

Hope they help!

If you need anything else, let me know!

Best to you, DXJ

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
CODING FOR MULTIPLE SURGICAL PROCEDURESMany times, more than one surgical procedure is performed during the same encounter. When that occurs, a modifier(s) is required to explain the circumstance to the payer. Understanding which modifier to use is important for ensuring appropriate reimbursement. Please review the two surgical scenarios to help clarify the proper selection of these modifiers.BEATRICE’S SURGERYBeatrice, a 52-year-old with painful fibroids, menorrhagia, a urethrocele, and a rectocele, agreed to surgery. Her gynecologist, Dr. Arragon, performed a vaginal hysterectomy and a combined anteroposterior colporrhaphy.ADRIANA’S SURGERYAdriana, a 42-year-old with documented fibroids and anemia, scheduled surgery with her gynecologist, Dr. Luciana. An ultrasound also identified a left ovarian cyst. Adriana underwent a supracervical hysterectomy, as had been discussed with her, but her tubes and ovaries were left in place. At the same time, Dr. Luciana opened and drained the ovarian cyst and sent a biopsy of the cyst wall to pathology. She then removed the cyst capsule from Adriana’s ovary.How would you code these cases? Please determine which cases used the 51 and 59 modifier.
Customer: replied 2 months ago.
thank you for the other one.. can you help with this one i need it tonight!

Hi, Crystal!

I need to take a breath but I can help!

Can you tell me which types of code you need for these? Thanks!

Working through the second scenario.

In the meantime, you might want to download this for your reference. (The link is to a coding PDF).

Hi, Crystal!

Your answers are here

Hope they help!

I really thought the PDF link I sent you would prove helpful for you now and in the future.

Best to you, DXJ

DXJWriter and other Essays Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 1 month ago.
this one is one i need reopened!

Okay, I unlocked it..........Try now, Crystal! Best to you, DXJ