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Can you provide me FINANCIAL STATEMENT ANALYSIS company?

Customer Question

can you provide me FINANCIAL STATEMENT ANALYSIS for a company? It should have:
Ratio computations
Industry comparative analysis
Vertical analysis
Horizontal analysis
Analysis (written portion)
Sources & Format
The companies are:
Abercrombie & Fitch Dollar General Macy’s
Advance Auto Parts Costco Wholesale Office Depot/Max
American Eagle Outfitters Dollar Tree Stores O’Reilly Automotive
Autozone Foot Locker Inc Ross Stores
Barnes & Noble GAP, Inc Target
Bed, Bath, & Beyond Gamestop Staples
Best Buy Home Depot Tuesday Morning Corp.
Big Lots L Brands, Inc. JC Penney
Aeropostale, Inc. Lowe's TJX Companies Inc. Tractor Supply
Cabela's Williams-Sonoma, Inc.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Essays
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Here is the full text of the paper:
1. Pick a company from the list given below (notice they are all retailers). Make sure you can find at least three years of financial statements for your company. Some places to look for the data include the company website or the SEC website (Edgar database) you choose a company, you should double check to make sure it is currently publicly-traded and you can get the data. You might first search for the company on Yahoo or Google - if it is publicly-traded then (sometimes) next to the company name is ***** ***** to a Yahoo or Google Finance page where you can see stock information. For instance if you do a search on Yahoo for Wal-Mart, you should see the following beside one of the links - NYSE: WMT. I checked all of the companies on the list recently so they should all be acceptable. You might also go to the company's webpage and look for a link called Investor Relations or Corporate Information or something along those lines. This may be found at the bottom of the company's main webpage. You should see information on Annual Report, SEC filings, Stock Charts, etc. You may use the Annual Report for the financial statements as long as they are not condensed (consolidated is fine) financial statements. Do not use the financial statements on Yahoo or Google Finance because they have summary formats and do not give you the detail account information. If you use the SEC filings, you will need annual filings and you will need the most recent 10-K. That is the SEC version of the annual report. Look for the financial statements in the 10-K (it will be item 8). The SEC 10-K information may be downloaded in Excel which may save you some time. Make sure that you can find enough information to meet the requirements listed on the project page - i.e. three years of financials. You will need the most recent financial statements – 2015 - for most companies. You must use the annual financial statements, not quarterly. Feel free to e-mail me if you have questions about the information you need. Please check out the "video" explanation of the project and the FAQs found in the project folder on WTClass.
By April 27th, do the following:
2. Using an Excel spreadsheet* and your company's financial statements, compute/find at least 10 of the following for the most recent two years (chapters with information on each ratio are in parenthesis next to the ratio, refer to the tables in Section 13.3 Ratio Analysis on WileyPlus or pages 704-5, Appendix 13A provides a great example of ratio analysis):
• Current ratio (2,13)
• Working capital (not really a ratio) (2, 13)
• Inventory turnover ratio (6, 13)
• Accounts Receivable turnover ratio (8, 13)
• Debt to total assets ratio (2, 13)
• Times interest earned (aka interest coverage) (10,13)
• Return on assets (9,13)
• Asset turnover ratio (9, 13)
• Return on equity (11, 13)
• Gross profit ratio (5, 13)
• Earnings per share (2, 13)
• Price-earnings ratio (13)
• Profit margin ratio (5, 13)
3. Also using the spreadsheet, prepare the following for the most recent two years:
• Comparative Income Statement - Vertical Analysis (Illustration 13-14 in Section 13.2 Comparative Analysis on WileyPlus or see page 702 for example)
• Comparative Balance Sheet - Horizontal Analysis (Illustration 13-11 in Section 13.2 Comparative Analysis on WileyPlus or see page 699 for example)
4. Find industry comparative numbers for as many of the items calculated in # ***** above, as possible. See link to "Industry Comparative Ratios". The industry comparative numbers should be no more than 1 year old (preferably computed as of the same year as the company data). To receive full credit, at least 6 different comparative ratios must be presented (out of the 13 listed above). You should refer to Appendix 13A.
5. Using the information gathered and calculated above, write up an analysis of your company. Begin with a brief history of the company to help the reader understand the company. Next include a discussion of the company's financial performance as seen through ratios and other calculations, whether favorable or unfavorable. The analysis should also give a conclusion on how the company has performed in the past and what its future looks like.
The analysis is to be written by you, not copied from a professional analyst's work. When writing up the analysis, refer back to the ratios and other calculations above to support your conclusions.The data should be analyzed from two different perspectives: across time and across companies (industry data). Be sure to explain what the calculations mean. The analysis should be done in a professional manner.). The written portion of the paper should be about 2-5 pages.
Expert:  Jawaad Ahmed replied 1 year ago.
Please accept the offer and also mention your deadline, thanks.