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Ricia Rodican Lumber and Building Supply COmpany agreed in

Customer Question

ricia Rodican Lumber and Building Supply COmpany agreed in writing to supply COnnor Rattigan Contractors with as much cement as they would buy during the year of 2014 at a specified price per unit. Is the agreement enforceable against the Rodican Lumber and Building supply Company? What makes an agreement enforceable.
Each year Walter would buy a land in Fl from Carly .Each year walter's friend Aram looked over the various offerings and agreed on a site at the price of 450$. Carley each year would draft a document describing how accurately the plot and the price and would have Walter sign it. At the closing Carley said she would need 100$ more to go through with the deal. She said that prices had gone up everywhere due to the instability in the Middle East.Walter refused to pay more and now brings in a suit for specific performance. IS this the proper legal remedy for Walt.How would you decide the case?
Mark is a registered nurse for Bob's Health Services. He was discharged for insubordination for continuing to provide care to a patient after he was directed to cease the care by his employer. He did so because the physician;s order for care remained in place, and he believed that the state law governing the practice of nursing required him to complete the physician care. Mark sighed a form when he was hired that he could be fired with or without cause without notice or liability at anytime. is there any legal theory in which Mark can sue Gentiva? If not explain. If so, what result. And why?
Ike leased a building to Sue. Circumstantial evidence known to Sue indicated that Ike intended to make a particular use of the building which would require alterations to the building. Sue knew that a building permit could not be obtained because the building was located in an urban renewal area and was to be demolished at the end of the lease but she said nothing to Ike. when Ike later learned he could not obtain the permit he sued viven for damages for fraud. What if any relief is Fitzgerald entitled to on his theory of fraud.
TOm owns a paint company. They made a contract in writing with Hood Milk to paint the interior of HoodMIlk's building except the mechanical painting. The specifications were exact in what was to be painted.Their paint company however claimed that they thought the exclusion of mechanical painting excluded paining of the heating and air ducts.Their paint company said they were not bound by the contract to paint for the price. Milk company said that unconscionable.Discuss the possible legal theories which may be pursued buy the paint company. What will be the milk co's position.Decide the case.
wo partners bob and tom agreed in writing to construct a new summer home for matt for 800,000 dollars and was set to b built according to the specific plans. when the building was half finished bob and tom informed matt that it was impossible for them to finish the job because the collapse of the price of crude oil affected cost of importing materials. however the told matt that they would finish the job if drake agreed to in writing an additional 88,888 dollars. Drake was upset and signed the contract. when the building was finished he refused to pay. What was the result of the law suit
Submitted: 1 year ago via Cornell Legal Info Institute.
Category: Essays
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
please delete question you can keep the 58 dollars thank you so much
Expert:  Mr. Gregory White replied 1 year ago.

Hello, my name is Greg. Sorry we were not able to get to your question on time. Please feel free to return to visit us and our services anytime. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

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