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N a memo of approximately 450 words (2-3 pages), describe

Customer Question

n a memo of approximately 450 words (2-3 pages), describe how you would coach a subordinate in your organization to write a bad news memo. Your subject line should be: “Memo writing guidance” or something similar. You should address your memo to “A. Colleague”
Also: - Use the objectives of the course as a basis for your comments. - Also use the text and any notes from our discussions on writing improvement to provide evidence and analysis. ***Be sure to address the particular concerns of your colleague as well as
providing general guidance. SCENARIO: There's a knock at your office door. One of your colleagues is standing there with a worried look on his face. "Got a minute?" "Sure! Come on in." He enters and shows you what he's been working on. "I need help. I'm working
on this memo for you, but I'm having a tough time getting beyond my rough notes, and it is due in five days. I'm especially worried about my ability to proofread to ensure professional quality. Also, the information about the initial marketing results isn’t
good news, but I don’t know how to present that information without disappointing the boss. Could you give me some suggestions on these areas?" Recognizing that your colleague’s concerns are likely shared by many, you decide to create a hard copy of your guidance,
in memo form, so that the info can be shared. Be sure that your reader can use your guidance to effectively execute the memo on his/her own. (Be specific and clear). Be sure that your introduction has a strong, controlling idea or thesis. Use any graphic elements
you like and emphatic placement to highlight your supporting ideas. Main criteria for excellence: Address the both general and specific concerns of your colleague Clear substance. The reader should be able to write according to your advice. Clear organization,
including focused analysis and specific evidence. Clear style (format, MLA or APA). Minimum of distracting errors in correctness (proofread carefully).
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Essays
Expert:  LoriHR replied 1 year ago.

Good evening. I am happy to assist with this. When is your preferred completion date?

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