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XXXX. Can ou help me with my case study. It's due today. I

Customer Question

Hi XXXX. Can ou help me with my case study. It's due today. I was sick the whole week.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Essays
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Posted by JustAnswer at customer's request) Hello. I would like to request the following Expert Service(s) from you: Live Phone Call. Let me know if you need more information, or send me the service offer(s) so we can proceed.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
far I have done this right now. Please do the introduction and lay out
Thanks.Week 5. Case Study
Investment Potential in the Healthcare•
• How is the role of government likely to change?
• Will government be more or less involved in the health sector?
• What impact will increased government involvement have on healthcare as a business opportunity?
• Where do you see a potential for growth in the health sector?
• What opportunities would make for wise investments (e.g., hospitals, home health, mental health, rehabilitation services, managed care, physician group practice management, etc.)?
• Is technology a good investment risk? If yes, what sort or types of technologies are likely to be in great demand, assuming a national shift to integrated delivery system model and a focus on prevention along with treatment?
Zucchi, K. ( 2015).” Investing in the healthcare sector”. Retrieved 11/25/2015 from and Trends in Investing in the Health Sector***** ***** suggests that "The only thing the government should be involved with is controlling the drug, insurance, and medical industry advertising spending which would bring down costs." On the other hand, Wayne Baldwin argued that "Containing costs will come at the expense of something … technological advances, profit, access to certain services, and patient choice are likely candidates …." One line of thinking would make both talent and drugs more competitive. Sergey Merkin asks, "Why not open the country to foreign medications?" In citing the need for more doctors and nurses, David Stahl comments that "it could be a way to help open immigration in this country." Michael Robbins adds, "Healthcare has been a closed guild." David Othmer cited "the maze of regulations that keep, for example, nurses from using all their skills" in providing basic healthcare. And Hakan Hillerstrom implied that consumer education and choice may be an important response to many of these challenges.What is the government’s role in the U.S healthcare?/ March 2. 2007 government gets ugly when it regulates health care providers. My pet peeve is the requirement in Maryland that someone must obtain a doctorate to become a physical therapist. That regulation clearly was enacted for the benefit of incumbent physical therapists (who are exempt, of course) and works to the detriment of patients.
If health care is ever going to be rationalized, made efficient, deploy technology in a cost-saving way, and so forth, then practice regulations and licensing regulations will have to be revised. The anti-competitive nature of today’s regulatory environment is discouraging.
I believe that there are things that government can do to enhance access, improve quality, and lower the cost of health care. However, I believe that we would be best served by having government focus on the policies that I put into the “good” category—clinics in poor neighborhoods, vouchers, high-risk pools, and better information on the effectiveness of services and the performance of providers. If we look to government to take a larger role in running our health care system, then my prediction is that things will get ugly.Healthcare business ecosystem
(2011, 09). Health Care Industry Business Ecosystem. Retrieved 09, 2011, from healthcare industry has seen twists and turns. Mainly these came from the healthcare bill. Now that everything has gone through and the bill was passed, healthcare companies and investors are noticing that everything is not as bad as they first thought. The bill will be determined constitutional or not in 2012. If it is deemed unconstitutional, that will give a big boost to the healthcare stocks on top of what they may be getting up to that point, but even if it isn’t, most of the space is worth getting back into. The effects of the healthcare bill were not as bad as thought, and it is now time to get back in and make some money.
Jonathan Novinski. Healthcare Sector Ready to Boom: Potential Investments to Add to Yiur Watchlist. June 7, 2011
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Pls respond if there is a question