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Mr. Gregory White
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I need the following paper by Saturday 09/26/2015: Select

Customer Question

I need the following paper by Saturday 09/26/2015: Select your favorite drink or snack item manufactured by a publicly held company. For this product respond to the following: Where is the product manufactured? Given the suggested retail price of the company
and using a 50% markup on price at retail, determine the sell price to the distributor/merchandiser. Review the company’s overall gross margin. If the product is sold direct to the consumer you may apply the gross margin as calculated. Applying the gross margin
percentage to your product sales price, infer the cost of the product. Present your calculations in a supporting table. Complete the same exercise for a competitor’s product of the same type. Present your calculations in a supporting table included in your
paper. Comment on the differences in cost between the two competitors, and assert the reason for this difference (e.g., does the company compete on cost or differentiation?) Apply the concept of the value chain to this product. What types of costs would be
relevant for each segment of the value chain for this product? Research a single critical ingredient of your snack and its source. Do you expect significant increases in the cost of this ingredient over the next year? Support your response with input from
the commodities market or other economic data. What are the opportunities to offset this price increase, maintain gross margin and offer the product to consumers at the same price currently? Present your calculations in a supporting table included in your
paper. Your paper should meet the following requirements: 7-10 pages in length including supporting tables, not counting title and reference pages Cite and integrate at least three credible sources.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Essays
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Needs to be an original paper!
Expert:  Mr. Gregory White replied 2 years ago.

Hello, my name is Greg.

I am not sure if you will be able find someone to be able to complete this project in that time frame. If you start to run low on time, let me know and I have a model resource you can use as you prepare your own final response to help guide in the process.

Let me know if that will be sufficient and I will forward ASAP.