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OD practitioners often use models to assist in identifying

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OD practitioners often use models to assist in identifying organizational problems. Discuss at least three diagnostic models that might be used. Give an example of a situation in which the model would be useful in diagnosing problems within an organization. What type of data would need to be collected in order to use the model?

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OD practitioners often use models to assist in identifying organizational problems. There are a diversity of models and their success is dependent on the problem at hand and the execution of the model and its suggested resolution. One model is called the ‘six-box- model', which focuses on “the organization’s strategy, structures, rewards, internal relationships, helpful mechanisms, and leadership.” A second model is the sharp-image diagnostic model. This model only includes four steps and it focuses on a broad ‘scan’ of the organization and then honing in on specific areas for more examination. (Justo ND). The six-box-model focuses on internal and external factors, where as the sharp-image model focuses only on internal factors. A third model is the force field model. The force-field analysis model was created by Kurt Lewin, and is based on the idea that internal factors, or forces, are what are creating the problems, which need to be resolved. Lewin believed that “An organization can change only if the “driving forces” for change can overcome the “restraining forces” against change (Herbert 2009). In order to utilize this last model, data on employee opinions, productivity, and efficiency would be useful.

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You are the owner of a 100 employee retail dry goods store. You are located in a town where the major employer is an automotive support industry who has just announced that they are relocating their facility to Mexico. Analyze the challenges facing your company using OD principle. How would you apply OD principles in order to ensure the continued operation of your business?
Submit your answer in a two to three (2-3) page formatted to proper APA specification. Include three to four scholarly references to support your paper.

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