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"For Brittany"This assignment is about Ethical Dilemma.

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"For Brittany"

This assignment is about Ethical Dilemma.

I have linked a documents here.

-Assignment Criteria

-Additional Readings

This is due on next monday 19 August.

Thank you very much :)
Hi, I'm Josie and I am a moderator for this topic. I sent your requested professional a message to follow up with you here, when she is back online.

If I can help further, please let me know. Thank you for your continued patience.
Thank you for requesting me! I will get this downloaded and reviewed so I can begin working on your answer. Thank you!
Hi Gucciman, I read through pretty much everything you provided in the links but I have not seen anything that would provide me with a scenario regarding mike to write the paper on. Is there a link I am missing or did I miss it in the reading material? I did have some trouble with the Hartman link because the writing was small and blurred but I didnt see anything that would give me a scenario regarding mike. Please let me know so I can finish this up for you tonight. Thank you!
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi, I'm sorry about the late reply.


I forgot to add additional information for my assignment.


Here is the info.

Assignment One: Ethical Dilemmas

Value: 20%

Due date: Tuesday 20 August, no later than 1:00pm via Stream

Purpose: To demonstrate your understanding and application of the ethical dimension of business decision making.


1. Read the short case study below.

Moral Courage

Mike is a new employee in the accounts payable department in a small software sales company. He recently graduated from college and this is his first professional job. Brenda is a long time, experienced sales manager with the company who travels extensively. She approached Mike for help in submitting several expense reports for business related travel. Mike has assisted Brenda in the past, including making travel arrangements for her. In preparing the expense reports, Mike noticed that a number of the receipts were for personal items which are not authorised for reimbursement; including a massage at a health club and a manicure. When he approached Brenda about this, she angrily told him to “just submit the report like you are told.” Mike is hesitant about doing this. He and his wife recently had a new baby and Mike is the sole source of income for his family.

2. Write a 1600 word essay, excluding references, that answers the following questions:

  • How does the situation facing Mike constitute an ethical dilemma?

  • Draw on your knowledge of two of the ethical theories discussed in Lecture 2 or 3 and explain their relevance to the situation.


Chapters one and two of Shaw et al

Case Study Reference:

Tips and hints

  • Remember an essay has three components; an introduction, body and conclusion. It is an integrated piece of writing that should enable a reader (i.e. your marker) to follow your argument, explanation or exposition without the use of headings or sub-headings. To do this you need to use linking words or phrases between words, sentences and paragraphs to maintain coherence and cohesion throughout the essay.

  • Please note the question has two parts; you must address both parts. In the first instance, you need to explain how the situation facing constitutes an ethical dilemma (a definition of ethical dilemma). To do this effectively you need to provide an evidence-based argument of why you believe this to be an ethical dilemma (i.e. this is where you would show your understanding of the concepts and theories).

  • You will also need to discuss two ethical theories and explain their relevance to this situation.

  • You may write in the first person. However, where you are discussing theory or concepts, you may find it more effective to revert to the third person/more formal structure.

  • You must reference any research sources that you have used. Compile your reference list following the APA format of all the sources (textbooks, journals, newspaper articles, etc.) used in developing your response. Note that you must have a minimum of three scholarly references in addition to your textbook (i.e. a minimum of four in total). This list must contain at least one book and one journal article.

  • Do make use the Library’s on-line catalogue and electronic databases available via the Library’s website.

  • Remember to submit an electronic copy of your essay to Stream. Please remember there are No Hard Copies of assignments submitted in this course.

Hi Gucciman, Thanks for posting the additional information and sorry I did not respond sooner as well. I kept reading through the material you originally provided thinking I was missing something and didnt want to suck it up and ask :) I am going to get started on this for you right now and have it posted shortly. Also, you please take a minute to rate my service on the previous answer provided? Here is a link to the question:
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Thank you,Brittany
Hi Gucciman,
Here is your answer:
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Please let me know if you have any problems downloading the answer. I look forward to your rating of my service.
Thank you,Brittany
Brittany, Professional
Category: Essays
Satisfied Customers: 2140
Experience: AA/Accounting BS/Business
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