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Brittany, Professional
Category: Essays
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Hi there, I have a assignment that is due next Thursday (New

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Hi there, I have a assignment that is due next Thursday (New Zealand Time +12). I have put up the links for you to have a look at it. I really appreciate your help. Thank you very much.

Assignment Guide

Assignment Topic

Brittany :

Hello Gucciman, I have reviewed the information that you have posted but do not see anything that states how long the assignment must be. Is there a page length or word count requirement for this assignment or does length not matter as long as everything is discussed and four references are used? Also, is there any way to send over the book that you are using? I can try to find access to one online as well but worst case you may need to find an area in the book to add as a reference after I provide the paper. Just let me know :) Thank you, Brittany

Customer: Hi, sorry i forgot to mention the word count. It's 1200 words excluding references. Thank you. Oh i didnt know that it also require the book as well...
Brittany :

Thank you for that info! I did see somewhere in the requirements for references that you needed three references plus one from the book to total four. I will see if I can locate a copy of the book online.

Customer: Thank you very much!
Brittany :

Hi Gucciman, Just wanted to give you an update. I have found the book being sold online but have yet to see one that I can access the information from within. I will keep looking while I continue to work on the paper and worst case I will just leave that one reference up to you. Thanks!


yep ok! thank you so much! and will it be done by 14 August? thanks :)

Brittany :

Yes, I will have it finished before then. I am going to try to complete it today :) Thank you!

Brittany :

Hello, I am just finishing up. I actually found a copy of the book online so that is why I was not able to complete it last night. I will post the answer her in a bit.

Brittany :


Brittany :

I have noticed differences in spelling for the U.S. and New Zealand so I would suggest reading through and changing the spelling for those words if you catch them...thanks!

Customer: Hi! Oh great! Will you be able to finished in 3 hours? Because the assignment is due after 4 hours.
Customer: thank you!
Customer: Hi~!! It's almost due time! Is it done :)? Thanks!
Customer: Oh no it's over due... Dont worry i will still hand in. Will you be able to help me out with my other assignment? It's about ethical dilemma. It's due on next monday. If you could help me i will post up another question to you. Thanks!
Brittany :

Im sorry....I must not be taking into consideration the differences in days!!! I am adding in the references

Brittany :

Im still on Wednesday :(

Customer: Dont worry It's alright i understand :) i can still hand in late though.
Brittany :

Thanks! I dont know why I was not thinking straight with the days...I ended up looking at a world clock :) Here is a link to the answer: Please click here Please let me know if you have any problems downloading the answer.

Brittany :

If you would like, I can assist with the new question but I would probably need to review the requirements and make sure its something I am comfortable assisting you with. Some areas are out of my range of knowledge :) You can post the new question but please put "For Brittany" so I can find it! Thank you, Brittany

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