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How Does Standard Of Living Differ For An Average American

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The world is constantly changing. How does the standard of living differ for the average American versus for the average person living in India? Choose two factors that can improve the quality of life for the people living in India. Conduct outside research to support your answer.

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The standard of living for the average person in India is much cheaper than it is here in the United States. For instance, housing, food, and health care are much cheaper in India. In America, health care expenses are generally paid through an insurance carrier, but in India insurance is not generally carried because health care is so much more affordable. Also, salaries for the average American tends to be much higher than the salaries of workers in India, which is why living expenses are more expensive in America compared to many other countries including India.

Two factors that can improve the quality of life for people living in India are a better education and greater independence. Education is one of the things that is more expensive in India than in America, which limits the opportunities for a better education for many in India. At a higher cost, the quality of education in India is also not as good as it is very broad in nature and does not provide a well-structured balance for students in terms of getting an education while having time for other activities. Another factor that may improve the quality of life for people living in India is a greater sense of independence. Currently, a custom in India is for parents to arrange their children’s marriages. Unlike America, where people are free to choose whom to spend their lives with, parental figures in India base their decision for their children on the social class-status of families. Freedom in America is enjoyed throughout the country, whereas in India, the government plays a major role in restricting their independence.


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