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Conduct an internal and external environmental analysis for

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Conduct an internal and external environmental analysis for your proposed business. Create a SWOTT table summarizing your findings. Your environmental analysis should take into account, at a minimum, the following factors. For each factor, identify the one primary strength, weakness, opportunity, threat, and trend, and include it in your table. • External forces and trends considerations: o Legal and regulatory o Global o Economic o Technological o Innovation o Social o Environmental o Competitive analysis • Internal forces and trends considerations: o Strategy o Structures o Processes and systems o Resources o Goals o Strategic capabilities o Culture o Technologies o Innovations o Intellectual property o Leadership Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word synopsis in which you analyze at least seven of the forces and trends from the list above. Your analysis must include the following: • Include economic as well as legal and regulatory forces and trends. • Critique how well the organization adapts to change. • Analyze the supply chain operations of the organization. • Identify issues and/or opportunities: o Identify the major issues and/or opportunities that the company faces based on your analysis above. o Generate a hypothesis surrounding each issue and research questions to use for conducting analysis. o Identify the circumstances surrounding each issue; classify the circumstances; attribute the importance of each classification; and test the accuracy of the importance for each classification. Reference your readings PLUS at least three other sources, including ones from the Internet, the online library or other properly cited sources. Note: This assignment requires conducting research.


(I will be driving today and will not be able to check till late tonight),  I do not need this until Sunday night so the main point I need is will you do it.

Alex :

Hi, I can have it by midnight tomorrow night with just over 1400 words based on the bonus. Thanks!

Wow, this was a long one! I just decided to stay up and complete it as I'm not sure what my availability will be tomorrow and promised you I would have it done in time.

The answer is 1,615 words plus references:

Again, your offer of the bonus is appreciated and great to work with you again.

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