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I just finished a film and after it was done to my surprise

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I just finished a film and after it was done to my surprise the film maker sent me a very mean email telling me I did him physiological harm? And that we would have no more contact. I was the lead in this movie which I don’t know if I’m even going to be invited to the premier, get a copy etc. in the movie he played one of the leads and it was a rape scene and he held me down hard and actually caused me some pain. I think this guy unstable. What should I do about my this situation. It’s not Sag

Good afternoon,

So sorry with what you have been through in filming this movie. No actor or anybody on set should have to put up with anything like this.

Making sure first that you have been paid everything from being the lead as hopefully you have a contract or something in writing. Getting legal assistance if you are not paid in full in case the film maker does not pay you in full.

While not Sag that reaching out to various film unions as well as movie organizations about your experience can offer guidance on any help that can be offered by their groups.

Not sure there is much that can be done in being invited as if the film maker does not include you that this would be a big mistake as you are the lead in the movie as for yourself not attending would look strange and have those attending asking questions.

Consider this something that you can add to your film resume as I would believe that being the lead will allow for future work later on.

I hope that the information provided has been found helpful. Also if you could please take a second to rate my assistance so that I know my help was found useful.

Take care,


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Customer: replied 7 days ago.
Thank you so much, I’m sure the union should not be happy that he was rough with me and also tore my necklace. He does however look bad if I’m not invited. I will reach out to movie organizations even the directors guild. I have discussed this with other producers who are my friends. Even in a horror movie or a stunt on stage I was never touched in a rough manner. Sincerely Laura

So sorry Laura on what you went through as speaking to those in the industry can help in offering advise as this person could then find it difficult to work on a movie again.

Take care,