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I would like to host an office mystery murder party. We are

Customer Question

I would like to host an office mystery murder party. We are about 30 people. I've read that some murder mystery parties incorporate videos as components to he setup. I have somewhat of an idea of what I want to do and need your advice: so far I have this
planned: 1) guests receive mystery envelopes with public and private clue. They can not open it yet. 2) A video will appear depicting the crime that happened and the mystery that must be solved. 3) Guests will open their envelopes and first round of clues
go forth. 4) A second video will appear depicting more important mysteries.. thats what i have so far what is the best way to incorporate a successful murdery mystery party in 60 minutes using video and accomodating 30 people. Do you have links to any corporate
level murder mystery party ? or fundraiser murder mystery ? I think if i see a murder myestery event with a group my size I could really learn a bunch. thanks.
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Entertainment
Expert:  Michael replied 2 years ago.
Sounds like a fantastic idea as I would think your co-workers would love to be involved and as the night goes on that they will get into the event and play along so that everyone is having fun and helps solve the mystery.
Your idea of starting off with a video along with clues and then a second video with additional information is a good way to have the evening move along. As for ways to incorporate it further:
1. For location, you can hold it at a co-workers home but also consider having it at a home to rent for the evening (something older perhaps). This would add to the atmosphere.
2. Since you will have close to 30 people, have invites sent ahead of time with various characters perhaps in order to be involved with the crime. Your guests can arrive dressed up as their characters and really become the character that you've given them.
3. To make it around an hour or so, have the first video start right away and then clues given out. Show the second video say around the 20 minute mark and then possibly additional clues so that the guests can move along faster if they see that they cannot discover the person who caused the murder.
As for companies as well as events that have put on something like this,here are a number to investigate further:
1. Murder Mystery Company has public shows that you can see if one is in your area to attend:
Their site offers a video collection that can give you ideas on your own party:
2. The Dinner Detective has shows across the country: