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It is this: what is the meaning behind the "Ugly Christmas

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It is this: what is the meaning behind the "Ugly Christmas Sweater" skits and references on T.V. shows? How did it start? Did someone have one? What does it mean? Thanks! Also seen in real life. Should one know?

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I think this started years ago when many people and families started wearing Christmas-themed sweaters that weren't very flattering. Yes, they conveyed the joy of the season, but they weren't really 'pretty' and some really went overboard in the decorations with jingle bells and ornaments that lit up, etc. In addition, many a teenager or other young person were required to wear it for the family Christmas picture/card/party and were embarrassed to be seen in it. Now, it seems to be 'retro' and 'cool' to wear them, sometimes. I think you'll appreciate this explanation and article: CLICK HERE

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