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I guess I would like how many new daces r normally taught and

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I guess I would like how many new daces r normally taught and how long ho ware they spaced out for seniors? this question is for cher

Hi again, Gail and thanks for requesting me.

Sorry for the delay; I was helping another client and was just notified of your request. Your patience is greatly appreciated! Laughing

In my experience, it seems that new dances are introduced about every 2 weeks; however, a good teacher should not be introducing new dances until the students have mastered the previous one. On the other hand, if the teacher feels ALL the class has mastered the dance, she can move on to the next one as soon as is appropriate.

It also depends on the intricacy and length of each dance. More complicated ones can take longer to learn and others, a shorter period of time.


I'm assuming that the teacher is given a list of dances to be taught over a certain period of time and it will look 'bad' for her, if she doesn't get those all in; that may be why she rushes to the next dance, before all the students have fully learned it and are comfortable with it.

Warmest wishes,

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