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XXXXX XXXXX New CD Question ?

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XXXXX XXXXX New CD Question ?
Hello and welcome. The Album is definitively in the making. XXXXX XXXXXke to enjoy doing albums and the pressure of a date is no fun for him, so no release date can be decided until the album is finished.

Steve is a perfectionist, so he might decide at the last minute to re-record a track and this can cause many report.

He also got side tracked with his cancer.

As he his very well knows, be sure that you will know when his album get an official release date.

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Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Is There Any Real Online Articles Where It Actually Says That ? If So Can You Show Me The Link ? Thanks !!

Here is an article that put emphasis on being financially independent (he don't need to meet a special date to please anyone:

Here is an article about his cancer:

Here is one about how he like the process of an album:
Force: Let's talk about your solo album. How is it progressing?
Steve: It's progressing really great. I've been enjoying working for three weeks, then riding my Harley for a week, then going back for a couple of weeks, then taking a few days off. It's been that kind of pace which is really, really different than what I was accustomed to.
Force: Aw, come on Steve, you can do better than that!
Steve: (laughs) When it's finished, it's yours. I want to enjoy working on it and I want to enjoy finishing it. For me, when the album is finished, it's something that I want to be able to play all the time, take with me places an enjoy what I did to it. Basically, I want to listen to it and get that feeling inside that "yeah, that's exactly the way I felt that song should be done." When that all comes togther and those feelings are all on one particular record, then I'll let it go. That could be June, July or later.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

OK I Read All The Links You Provided Thanks .The Only Problem I Have Is It Never Actually Says Anything About The Title Of The CD "Timeless" .Can You Find Anything Out There That Says That CD He Is Working On Is Called "Timeless" ? Thanks !!

The CD might be called something else entirely. Artist often change the name at the last minute. The name make sense that said as i remember that word used time and time again when referring to many Journey classics.