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Video service at the vacation home? I have a vacation home

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Video service at the vacation home?
I have a vacation home which gets used seasonally. I keep a cable-based internet connection (Charter Communications) operating so I can remotely control the thermostat, etc. I recently canceled the video service when prices went up.

At home, I have the most basic video service offerred by WOW, and don't really care for their service. I'm considering whether one of the satellite companies might be a good alternative, possibly offering intermittent service at the vacation home at little additional cost under the home plan.

Any suggestions?
Hello and welcome. As you want/keep internet connection, you could get Netflix and get local TV by over the air ATSC signal antenna (FM radio is also good to keep up with news). You can also fill up a computer hardrive of media that you will consume slowly at your leisure when at the vacation home.

As for Satellite companies, most offer a the possibility of a second terminal/dish linked to your main account and you can suspend the service for a maximum of usually 6 months each year (with small suspension fee each of those month).
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