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I, want to know: are the net worth statements in Forbes magazine

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I, want to know: are the net worth statements in Forbes magazine and other sources accurate? If so what is the net worth of Jeffrey Epstein the philanthropist with Harvard
U. connections and charitable foundation?
Hello and welcome. All those numbers are educated guess:

The way i personally measure money worth is by the amount of influence, or the amount of things they can get done. Even that is not always publicized. Everybody in finance is two faces, they want to hide lot of money to hide from the IRS but when they are in the finance industry they also need to show or give the appearance of floating on a large pile of money and generate it at will. So someone can be broke and if creative enough you won't ever notice it.

He only worked 2 years as a teacher from what i read about him. That mean he started to be a trader with not THAT much money. I would place his fortune at 80% certainty between $400M and $4B (as for most source it still is educated guess).
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