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Do/will any of the following movies have a very good motion

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Do/will any of the following movies have a very good motion picture original soundtrack:

Captain Phillips
The Fifth Estate

And I mean good original soundtracks like Against All Odds. In other words, a soundtrack where at least most of the songs have words in them, and NOT a soundtrack that is all or mostly a score and/or instrumental music. If one or two songs are instrumental, that's fine, as long as the rest of the songs and most of the soundtrack has songs with words in them, and if possible, have one song that made it on the radio.

If not, do you know of any movies that are coming soon to theatres nationwide that are of the same category and caliber as Against All Odds that will also have a soundtrack that is good like Against All Odds?

Thank you.
Hello and welcome

Prisoners: (instrumental)
Most of the soundtrack is score.

Captain Phillips music is by Captain Phillips, pretty sure no words will be present.

The Fifth Estate is scored by Carter Burwell so i assume a good soundtrack but without words.

Other than comedies, kid movies or Bollywood production, words in soundtrack are rare these days.

Looking at movie opening lately i would say that the best bet for something good (or at least interesting) may come from "Don Jon".

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