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Would you like to see a cartoon or animation film made by China

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Would you like to see a cartoon or animation film made by China or related story of China if you were American?

And what is the general oppinion of Americans about the cultrue from China? What kind of film you want to see most or learn about of this distant country?
Hello and welcome.

"Would you like to see a cartoon or animation film made by China or related story of China if you were American?":

"And what is the general opinion of Americans about the culture from China?":
Usually a lot of respect for the traditional culture and craft. Respect for the sense of business and hard working attitude. The only negative aspect is the tendency to cut the corner round if it can help profits.

"What kind of film you want to see most or learn about of this distant country?":
-Sci-Fi movie that would show the vision of Chinese for the future (like anticipation movies).
-Movies about early China and the explorer there and how they acted on newly discovered part of the country.
-Movies about current social issues.
-Chinese documentary (i have yet to see one of those myself, they must be pretty rare).
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Your oppinion is impotant,because I spent some years in the college in NYC and I learned that Chinese cultures have some kind of influence. But the image of Chinese culure in US is quite different from it is in China. Today the metropolians in China are very westernized, and tradition cultural products dont attract young generation in China very much. On the contrary, in America although the alienate culture may be exotic to some people,it is not really popular. I am a animation film producer and focusing on scifi and alternated history. I have some ideas but not sure if they can win the American audience.

American are very open to international cinema as long as the produce is not subtitled or subbed. Animation is advantaged in that regard as it can be made in "dual" version as far as lip sync goes.

You can't really go wrong with sci-fi as there is a BIG sci-fi deficit in the genre currently (compared to the 80's and 90's). By alternated history i guess you mean something similar to steam punk? That is also interesting.

Note that USA is a big market. You don't need to please everyone, just 10% of the country is already a BIG market. As long as the product is well made and intelligent, anything have it's chance to success. Another thing, American have very critical of the technical side of thing. If you have a simple defect in style or production value, even if the product have redeeming value it will be classified as low grade or rubbish very fast.

The cultural gap is not always a problem. Take the Korean movie "My sassy girl", it was a big success and the only reason it got a remake is because it was not with English speaking actor. The culture in it, the technique, the humor, everything was fine and compatible with American taste.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I believe the future Sci-fi should focusing on more than just aliens and robots. There are already too many fims of similar genre... But the challenge for a Chinese film maker is language in the film(the way to express the right meaning,more than directly translated)and the metaphors behind the each line. I heard the new James Cameron start a oversea company in Tianjin China,under the mother company called Cameron Pace Group. However, I have been to the site nothing really there . I think even he cant figure a very good way for making a co-production in China,it is too complicated here. I am afraid too meet the similar situation in American,let alone I am not the big shot guy like him.

Yes, more and aliens and robots is preferable. That is why i mentioned anticipation movie should have a comeback success.

I think Cameron would have more trouble to adapt to China than the opposite (a Chinese in America, even if really Cameron is Canadian). Luc Besson is one of those that adapted well to Asia i think.

American culture (as far as cinema goes) got a far wider international reach in the last 30 years than any other nations.

As for expressing the meaning, i don't think it is much a problem. Some culture have particular concept not easy to translate but nothing that can't be overcome. Here is an example from the short "Un Conte" (to take an animated movie example:
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