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Two more things about Paul G. Allen, the Allen and Company

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Two more things about Paul G. Allen, the Allen and Company conference held in Sun Valley, Idaho in 2012 has a website with pictures of the people attending. He is shown entering with girlfriend Leigh Collier. He also hosted his annual Halloween party with her as the hostess at his home in L.A. in 2012. There are fashion pictures online from the Sun Valley conference, everyone is wearing the name tag a little off. XXXXX XXXXX's name tag is turned around, some people are wearing bright colors. Was this a meeting where his girlfiend was being accepted in that way or is it done for some other reason? Why are people dressed and wearing name tags the way they are if not because of that? Has he ever hosted with previous girlfriends? Is that a sign that this is serious? I thought it was.
Each guest at the Allen & Company annual get together seem to have their own ways of fashion and from everything I have read that there is no meaning of each guests dress, other than wearing what they feel is comfortable. Same goes it seems with the name badges. Just how they wear them on their clothing.

Site below offers some fashion reviews on the guests and their dress:

Since the event has been going steady since 1983, there has been more coverage in the last few years. Since Mr. Allen is a private person, there seems to be no mention of any previous hosting with any girlfriend as far as I can research. Since this is more of a business meeting with leaders in industry, having Ms. Collier there lately may mean something.

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