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My friend, XXXXX XXXXXna, is a great song writer and performer.

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My friend, XXXXX XXXXXna, is a great song writer and performer. He has several albums on iTunes, many performance videos on youtube, and more than 20 years in the business. His new songs as well as some of his older work would be perfect for TV shows or maybe even movie soundtracks. He has a soulful, singer songwriter sound and strong lyrics that still have good hooks. We are located in Louisville, KY. . . so very far from LA and NY as far as running into producers and APs, and we don't have contacts in Nashville though we have some family down there. Is there a preferred way to get one's music in front of the people that make the decisions for TV and films. We have been in the local performance business for years, but have no idea how to break in to market. If you would like to hear the music before deciding to take on this question, XXXXX XXXXXna has a few songs posted on reverb nation and all his albums are available on iTunes.

It sounds like your friend has experience as well as the type of music that either TV and film would be interested in. Because of the many performers today trying like your friend to get their music in the entertainment business that it is difficult to stand out among everyone else.

A report published by Film Music Publications offers various recommendations for getting the music in the right hands. Living far from the entertainment cities of NY and LA are mentioned and ideas for what you can do. Also information from networking to agents are written here in the report.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi, thanks for the info. I would like to ask another question. I will put a tip on the fee if you have any information about this. Do you have any opinion on Between a little web research and watching many videos on youtube, it seems to be the site most referenced. They say they work to put independent artists and movie and industry people together. The fees are pretty steep, so I am trying to vet if it is worth it or not. It is like $300 for the year and then like $5ish a song. It would probably take me $500 to get everything up and have a year of service. Do you have any thoughts about this service?


It seems that the reviews for taxi seem to be both positive and negative in terms of getting music to the right people. They have been around since 1992 with some success to getting music to producers. From what I have read, they will review your music and offer suggestions. It seems though they are looking for popular music and nothing very different than what is popular today. Some reviews have stated that traditional music from taxi has been delivered for movie placement

The cost is something to consider so if $300 is not a problem, then trying it out for a year may be something to consider.
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