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I know its a stretch to ask my question in this expert category

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I know it's a stretch to ask my question in this expert category but it's the closest I could find to ask how to bring in more members and income to our volunteer service organization, a 90 year old Chinese community group of women in their 50s to 80s.

The group originated by doing fundraisers in the 1930s for starving people overseas, now for scholarships, internships and activities for local community groups, schools, universities programs, of which a number have used our group's methods for their own fundraisers.

We've done raffles, fashion shows, etc., currently planning to have a nice dinner with a known community speaker/a woman for a large assisted living facilities service organization and raffle tickets for the 90th year celebration next year. The cost of $80 to the hotel for the dinner and raffle seem prohibitive, with most persons likely just being able to afford buying raffle tickets, then foregoing the dinner.

Any recommendations are appreciated to liven us up, thanks.
I can give you some tips about fund raising. Where are you located?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Our meetings are generally in a church in San Francisco CA. Thanks very much.

$80 is indeed a lot. There is lot of cynicism toward charity now. Many don't like to see that only a fraction of the money go to a cause. Sure the event need to be fun but the cost need to be minimal.

Your organization is pretty old by now. You may want to target younger audience from time to time (sporting event, video game competition, makeup competition etc...). This will prevent your pool of benefactor to not shrink over time.

You live in an area with lot of good weather. You may try to get terrains in the open air the more possible and make deals with street food truck to take a % of the profit from the traffic of the events. If you can go outside town in a wine production of farm, you can get access to very large warehouse, lot cheaper than an hotel. Those that would pay $80 for an hotel sure can pay a bit anyway for the transport.

Over $15 for any activity will reduce a lot the attendance. Also, try to have some video (on site and a page) where you see the past 3 years of the thing you accomplished with the money. It really help recurring donation when the benefactors can see the result of their actions and the difference they made.

You need to use internet social network at their fullest.

Try to expend your activities geographically. Just like with farming, if you harvest too much and too often at the same spot, you will eventually get nothing from the area.

As for dinner, many cooking schools offer very low cost service for charity by their finishing student, you may look into that.
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