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Is there any stainless flatware out there that does not water

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Is there any stainless flatware out there that does not water spot, rust, wear. I know it should be 18/10 but beyond that does anyone have personal experience with a superior brand?
Hello. 18/10 should not rust unless you clean with steel wool (that can inject low quality steel into the flatware and then rust will show on them.

I have LOT of different flatware from different era. None are rusting. The ones i have the more is Oneida. They also do a set of Titanium coated ones (not the greatest idea for a knife i think).

Water spot may come from mineral in your water, so is rust if you have LOT of iron in it. You may consider getting it analyzed and perhaps add a filter at least for the kitchen. Another mineral than can let deposit is calcium.

As for the wear, not using a dishwasher help a lot. You can wash them by hand or go all the way and buy an ultrasonic cleaner. But most of the time they are just fine (and i have some going back to the 70's)
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