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Live in NJ, but spend most of my time in NYC trying to break

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Live in NJ, but spend most of my time in NYC trying to break into acting. Have had speaking roles in 20+ plays..17+ independent films and am still taking classes although now 43, I have been taking these classes since my early 20's. I did end up obtaining my SAG card through one of the independent films I was in. My issue appears to be I am still in networking groups with people still trying to break into the business, and not with the people who are there and working on finding their next role. And I have yet to find myself a manager to represent me and put me forward for the roles which could kick start my carreer. How do I get into the right networking circles an find representation? Or at least find the roles so I can put myself forward and then hoepfully the representation will come to me? Thank you
Congrats first of all for your continued dedication to the craft of acting as there are many out there like yourself trying to make it big in the entertainment field. By reading your extensive highlights, it is obvious that you have the drive and determination to build upon what you have already done.

There are two primary websites that handle networking online in New York City. Both websites allow actors to submit their own video portfolios in case you may not have one online:

Also here is a wealth of resources to review:

As for finding an agent to represent you in order to locate the right roles, start by reviewing the publication "The Call Sheet". The publication as well as the website lists franchised, licensed talent agencies by by region, medium such as television, film, theater, and genre which can be everything from commercials, musicals, etc. SAG and AFTRA websites also have lists of franchised agents.

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