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I tried to order the movie Sci-Fighter

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I tried to order the movie Sci-Fighter (sometimes it's called Extreme Fighter) with Don "The Dragon" Wilson on DVD via Amazon and E-Bay. E-Bay doesn't have it available at all, and I don't like the options Amazon gives on how it can be ordered because I have never ordered under those circumstances before and I don't like the thought of having yet to further agree and accept more additional terms that are an addition to and on top of Amazon's terms, which I have already agreed to before. Is there any other way I can order this movie where it's just a simple matter of some company having it available on DVD, I make the order, and they send me the DVD to my address? That is how I have always ordered things before on Amazon and E-Bay. Thank you for your assistance.

I have found a new copy of this DVD available from Here is the link:
The price is 22.99 plus shipping. This appears to be the best deal as other shopping sites list the movie as only be available in a used format. You can see other places to buy the moving by using Google shopping. Go to Google type in the title of the movie. When you get the results, click on the shopping link below the search box.
If I can be of further help, please let me know.
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