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Im looking for a baseball history person

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I'm looking for a baseball history person

49erLBSU : Happy to help as I am a member of a library
49erLBSU :

Happy to help as I am a member of a library baseball group that is interested in all things involved with the game, both historical as well as today.


Oh great! I have been trying to get back to you but was having trouble getting on the site. I guess I finally made it and I hope it doesn't cut me off again. I have letters and telegrams from 1888 re my great grandfather, H. E. Jackson, who was a ball player - first base - and wanted to play for Indianapolis. He wrote to and received letters from a Horace S. Fogel some written on a letterhead of "The Sporting Life Publishing Co. publishers of "The Sporting Life" a weekly journal. Fogel told him, since Indianapolis had 4 good first basemen that he wouldn't get a fair trial so he should join a minor league and make $100 per month until he got established and then he could join Indianapolis and make $300 per month plus "considerations" the next year. I have telegrams from several managers asking him to reply right away with his "lowest terms". On one of the telegrams he said he answered for $150 per month. There is also a letter from J. J. Jennings from the Columbus Base Ball Company asking for his "terms" to play with them "next year" dated Dec. 21,1887 as well as some that he wrote home. I'm wondering if these letters and telegrams are of any value. Thanks, BJ

What a great piece of family as well as baseball history you have! Items like this are things that my baseball library group would find very interested in.

Horace Fogel was quite the character in both publishing as well as owner:

As for what it may be worth, I would recommend using the company Steiner Sports. Television shows use this company for sports related items and their worth. You can take a picture of what you have in your collection and send it to them to get an idea of its worth as well as historical value in baseball history.

Here is their information:

Another option would be to contact the librarians at the Baseball Hall of Fame in NY. Even though they are looking for donations, they may be able to give you some worth on your excellent collection:

Great piece of baseball history I believe you own. Enjoy!

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks so much for your help. I will certainly do that. I am scanning each piece into my computer so that I can both try to find a value and perhaps sell it or maybe donate it. I don't want it to get buried in some museum vault somewhere - I would like it to be on display somewhere. I do have a picture of him at an older age. I'm 79 and through records found out it was my grandfather, Henry Everett Jackson, Jr. not great grandfather, who was a Sr. as I first thought. If I donated it to the base ball history museum, do you think it would just get buried?? My father Edmo Earl Merkel was a hero in WW1 and I paid to have a display case set up with his memorabilia in his home town in Hattiesburg, MS. rather than donate it to the WW1 museum for that very reason. What would your opinion be?? Thanks, BJ

Love that I am researching your great question while having baseball on in the background (Angel game is on).

I am in agreement with you that if you wish to donate that it does not sit in a museum vault never to be looked at again.

The Giamatti Research Center (named after the former commissioner) at the Baseball Hall of Fame is used by many research professionals that are writing books, papers, as well as historical features on baseball from its beginnings. Your collection I am sure would be of interest to them and for those that are researching the early years of baseball in this country and in Indianapolis and Columbus. Also there are many research professionals that are interested in ball players from the early years of the game and your collection would be I am sure of interest to them.

You can see that the library is of great interest in this picture:

Another option for possible interest in your collection is the Society for American Baseball Research. Fantastic organization and they also work with the Baseball Hall of Fame to publish the history of the game. They also would be very interested in your collection for historical research:
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks again for your advice. If you would be interested in a copy of these papers, I would be glad to send one to you. BJ Johnson